The User is required to fulfil the below mentioned conditions at the time of taking the delivery of the Vehicle:

  (i) User must show his/ her original driving licence, that was shared with Us at the time of opening of account/availing Carle Rental with Us. User must show the same to Our representative at the time of delivery, prior to the User taking possession of the Vehicle;

  (ii) User must carry his/ her documents in original, and provide support to Our representative for capturing the image of, any one out of following documents as an additional ID proof to be placed on Our records:

    (a) Voter ID;

    (b) Aadhar card; or

    (c) Valid Passport.

  (iii) Users must with Our representatives for taking a photograph of the Vehicle along with the User, for safety and record-keeping purposes.

  (iv) User must fill and submit the checklist of the Vehicle at the start and end of the trip.

In case the above conditions are not successfully completed by the User at the time of taking possession of the Vehicle, We reserve the right to not handover the possession of the Vehicle and Carle Rental shall stand cancelled without any onus on Us to refund the security deposit and the Booking fee. Further, in the event the possession is taken by the User without completing the above condition, the User shall be held solely responsible for any liabilities or losses arising out of the same.